The Benefits of Becoming Involved, Contributing or Volunteering

Get Involved with MCES… become a volunteer or donate now! There are many ways to volunteer, or get involved and contribute to the maintenance and preservation of the Historic St. Paul’s Anglican Church.

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The following are some of the anecdotes and stories about “Why MCES Committee Members’ contribute and volunteer for the MCES?”

Robert: I grew up in Midnapore and my family is buried in the St. Paul’s Cemetry, I volunteer with MCES to stay connected with my family history and to do my part in ensuring both the church and my history are preserved.

Ros: I’m a 3rd generation Midnapore community member and have attended St. Paul’s since I was a baby. I’ve been actively involved in MCES since it’s inception and will continue to be; St. Paul’s is near and dear to my heart.

Earle: I am a member and past Warden of St. Paul’s Church. It’s important to me to preserve such a unique and beautiful piece of history.

Kerry: I enjoy volunteering for MCES because St. Paul’s a lovely church; it is the same age of my grandfather and if he were still alive, he would love it…it’s a neat place and I’m happy to help!

Terry: Being a 3rd generation member of St. Paul’s and one of the inaugural members of the Midnapore Church of England Society, I’m very proud of this little church and everything it represents. I feel it’s important that it’s maintained in perpetuity as it has earned it’s place in Alberta’s history. St. Paul’s has been and always will be a part of my personal history.

Linnea: I remember walking to church on Sundays with my grandmother and being in awe of St. Paul’s. I believe history needs to be protected in order for future generations to value and appreciate the present. The little chapel of St. Paul’s is one of the last remaining pieces of physical evidence that my family’s Canadian roots began in Midnapore – my great great grandparents helped build the church and many family members are buried in the cemetery.

Many of our dedicated volunteers and donors to MCES contribute because they have a connection to the community and to the history and hertiage of St. Paul’s Anglican Church. Some have a family member or relative that had a connection to the church or has been laid to rest in the cemetry. Click here… to see if there is a family member that has been interred at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church cemetery.