We value your support… Donations are most appreciated!

The Midnapore Church of England Society is able to fulfill its mandate of maintaining, restoring and preserving the Chapel, grounds and cemetery purely through donations from parishioners, families of those interred in the cemetery and the general public.

There is a continuing need for additional donations to keep pace with the cost of utilities, insurance and maintenance. The Society will continue to apply for grants from the Provincial Government in hopes of offsetting restoration and other costs.

We hope you will consider making a donation to MCES. Any amount over $20 will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year.

Instead of a cash donation, you may wish to donate flowers for one of our annual services in the Chapel, or bring coffee/tea or goodies to one of our quarterly meetings. Or you may want to bequeath a portion of your estate to MCES in your will.

Please contact us for more information on ways to donate.


Many of our dedicated volunteers contribute to the MCES because they have a connection to the history and heritage of St.Paul’s Anglican Church, or maybe they have a family member or relative that had a connection to the church or has been laid to rest in the cemetery. Click here… to see if there is a family member that has been interred at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church cemetery.

Donations to help our efforts and programs may be made by:

1. Sending a cheque to:

Please ensure your full name and mailing address are included with your donation.

St. Paul’s Anglican Church (MCES Fund)
Unit 360, 16 Midlake Blvd. SE Calgary, Alberta T2X 2X7

2. Using our secure online donation page (currently, under development):

Donate Through CanadaHelps.org

Click here… for the link to CanadaHelps.