St. Paul’s Church was designed by John Charles Malcolm Keith after the plan of the original Cathedral Church of the Redeemer (built on what is now Paget Park, just east of the current site located at the corner of 7th Avenue and 1st Street SE in downtown Calgary).

St. Paul’s was constructed in 1885 by the early settlers of Midnapore, including S.W. Shaw, Henry Wood, Arthur Wolley Dod, Arthur Winterbottom on one acre of land donated by John Glenn. Materials and labour for the building of the Church were supplied by Mr. C. Johnson at a cost of $800. The interior of the Church was finished years later through an additional subscription of supporters from Midnapore and Calgary.

In addition to hosting religious services, St. Paul’s Anglican Church also served as an early school. Mrs. Helen Millar (Shaw) taught community children in the church building from 1887 until 1891. St. Paul’s Anglican Church is one of the first Anglican churches and one of the earliest school buildings still extant in Alberta.


In 1976 the Church was declared an historic site by the Province of Alberta. With a government grant and private donations, the exterior and interior were restored following stringent government guidelines. In the fall of 1991 the Church was rededicated by Bishop Barry Curtis. In November, 2010 it was formally designated as an Alberta Provincial Historic Resource.

Sources: Neil Brown (MCES); St. Paul’s and St. Peter’s Yearbook 1933

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