The nine stained-glass windows and the bell contribute to the unique and timeless quality of the Church. The Church originally had two stained glass windows; the rest are believed to have been added in the 1960’s. If you have any history or additional information on these stained glass windows, we would love to add it! Please contact us.


Window Over Altar

Memorial to members of the parish who served and gave their lives in World War 1. It was installed in the 1920’s, and we believe it was made by a Toronto firm. A tablet on the wall records the names of the fallen men.


Front Window (Left)

This is a memorial to Col. H.B Sanderson and his wife, Minnie, who were parents of F. L. Sanderson, the churchwarden for many years. While we are still confirming, we believe it was made in the 1920’s by a Toronto firm.


Front Window (Right)

This is a memorial to Heather Jeffery who died in 1976 (at the age of 12) and created by Calgary artist Karl Lengauer (Avanti Studio). Note the ‘local’ scenery included with Jesus and the children.



South Side – Front Window

Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus


South Side – Middle Window

John baptizing Jesus on the River Jordan


South Side – Back Window

The Crucifixion



North Side – Front Window

The Resurrection


North Side – Middle Window

The Ascension


North Side – Back Window

The Pentecost